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The lessons will be posted here in small chunks as I can write them and have the audio recorded. So keep checking back for more lessons!

UPDATE: Watch these lessons as videos on my YouTube channel!

Lesson 1: Pages 1-3 Personal pronouns, some interrogative pronouns and connecting words

Lesson 2: Pages 4-10 Basic sentences using some forms of the present tense of the verb "to be", here and there, "this is a"

Lesson 3: Pages 11-16 Pets and some household items, expressing "on some surface"

Lesson 4: Pages 17-22 Possessive suffixes for singular and plural possessed objects, expressing "in"

Lesson 5: Pages 23-28 Living, speaking, working, expressing "(to) work as something"

Lesson 6: Pages 29-37 Numbers (cardinal, ordinal, fractions)

Lesson 7: Pages 38-43 Time, age

Lesson 8: Pages 44-46 Months, Days, Seasons

Lesson 9: Pages 47-52 Postpositions

Lesson 10: Unit 1 Review and Test


My page for parallel texts. Last updated: 1 March 2014.

László Ragoncsa's 89-page thematic English-Hungarian dictionary (unfortunately without example sentences) and a 322-page grammar book: HunLang's Blog.