Why am I writing this course? Because there are very few resources for Hungarian. (Trust me, I have looked.) But a lack of resources shouldn't stop you from learning Hungarian, as it really is a beautiful language. Since I'm not using a textbook (I found them all to be inefficient), I decided to write my own course to enhance my own learning (based on my "Teaching As Learning" article). It requires a lot of effort, but I don't think it requires much more than a standard course would. I write the sentences to be included here, covering vocabulary and grammar step-by-step, as I'm learning it. I have the writing corrected by native speakers, and then I have the corrected text read by native speakers. I do not claim to be an artist, but I have used a variety of sources for the images, including some of my own drawings.


The audio is provided to you by volunteer native speakers. I give my special thanks to the users whatthefatis and csib on RhinoSpike for making recordings for this course.


The idea of using just pictures with text and audio to learn a language is not new. A small series of books was written decades ago using this principle for German, French, and Italian. More recently a series for English learners has been produced. Popular language courses also use this idea: Rosetta Stone and the Livemocha community are the two that immediately come to my mind.

But I'm not using a similar structure because it's popular, but because it's effective. This method is essentially comprehensible input, which is the bedrock of all effective language learning. Some people can "read" a book in a foreign language and eventually decode the message, but I think many people (myself included) would be overwhelmed by this method. It's easier to start with pictures and use them to build a larger vocabulary and understanding of grammar. And that's just what we'll do in Hungarian Through Pictures.


The course is arranged with 2 to 4 panels per page. They should be read from left to right, top to bottom, as shown here.

If this work will help even just a few people learn Hungarian, then I will be happy. I always welcome feedback, positive or negative, so if you have something to say, please contact me. I look forward to reading about your success with the Hungarian language!