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Ez egy naptár. = This is a calendar.
Ez egy hónap. = This is a month.
A hónapok = The months are
Ez egy nap. = This is a day.
A napok = The days are
vasárnap = Sunday
hétfő = Monday
kedd = Tuesday
szerda = Wednesday
csütörtök = Thursday
péntek = Friday
szombat = Saturday
Ez egy hét. = This is a week.
a múlt hét = last week (the previous week)
a jövő hét = next week

Ez egy hétvége. = This is a weekend.
tegnap = yesterday
ma = today
holnap = tomorrow
Hányadika van ma? = What is today's date?
Ma január 22-e van. = Today is January 22nd.
Milyen nap van ma? = What day is it? (lit. Which day is today?)
Ma kedd van. = Today is Tuesday.

tavasz = spring
tavasszal = in (the) spring
nyár = summer
nyáron = in (the) summer
ősz = autumn
ősszel = in (the) autumn
tél = winter
télen = in (the) winter


1. 1. In Hungary, the week begins with Monday and ends on Sunday. (My pictures use the American order from Sunday to Saturday.)

2. The names of days and months are not capitalized in Hungarian.

3. Hungarian has a few different ways to write the date. You can write out the name of the month, use its abbreviation, or use Arabic or Roman numerals. Note that the use of Roman numerals is quite rare these days. The order is always from the largest unit to the smallest, so the order is Year + Month + Day.

       2013. január 22.
       2013. jan. 22.
       2013. 01. 22.
       2013. I. 22.

4. To say "in [year]", just add -ban/-ben as appropriate (with a hyphen); for example, "in 2013" = 2013-ban. To say "on [certain date]", use -an/-en as appropriate (with a hyphen); for example, "on 2013. 01. 22" = 2013. január 22-en.

5. Dates are said like this:
1995. 01. 06. = ezerkilenc-százkilencvenöt január hatodika
1995. 01. 06-án = ezerkilenc-százkilencvenöt január hatodikán

The American way "nineteen-ninety-five" isn't used!

6. If you want to say "(on) the first of [month]", you must use elseje and elsején.

7. To express a century, use század or évszázad. For example, "a 16. század (tizenhatodik) = the 16th century".

8. The word for season is évszak, the plural is évszakok.