Parallel Texts

Here are some parallel texts which I have made for my own use. I am sharing them with you. I'll post portions of the larger works as I have time to create the parallel texts. These files are pdfs so you may download them for viewing offine. For more parallel texts, check out the short stories available at Languages On The Web. By the way, if you like this, and would like to see more parallel texts, express your interest!

Egypercesek: Egy Pocsolya Emlékiratai / One-Minute Stories: Memoirs of a Puddle by Örkény István.

Gyilkosság Az Orient Expresszen / Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (translation by Katona Tamás). Chapter 1. Entire book in Hungarian and entire book in English.

Ha / If by Rydyard Kipling (translation by Kosztolányi Dezső). Male Voice Audio or Female Voice Audio.

A hiányzó darab találkozik a Nagy O-val / The Missing Piece Meets The Big O by Shel Silverstein (translation by Crystal Holmes). Male Voice Audio or Female Voice Audio. Updated with new corrections on 5 February 2014.

János Vitéz / John the Valiant by Petőfi Sándor (translation by John Ridland). Librivox audio by Diana Majlinger.

Tiz javaslat a sikeres nyelvtanulásról / Ten Suggestions for Language Learning by Lomb Kató.

Zsolt 23 / Psalm 23 by David.

A Kis Herceg / The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Download this story in audio format here.