Unit 1 Review

You've learned approximately 200 words of Hungarian, and you've learned them with context, using pictures and sentences. Please see the Unit 1 Vocabulary Review for English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English lists of those words.

Some important grammar points you've learned include the following:

1. Where to place word stress.

2. When to omit the verb forms "van/vannak", and when to include them.

3. Where to place emphasis in a sentence.

4. How to alter word order to convey different meanings.

5. The Superessive case, expressing "on (some surface)" using the endings "-on, -en, -ön, -n".

6. How to express "there is no".

7. Rules for spelling changes when adding suffixes.

8. Hungarian definite and indefinite articles.

9. Possessive suffixes.

10. The Inessive case, expressing "in" using the endings "-ban, -ben".

11. Introduction to the concept of definiteness.

12. Present tense of definite and indefinite verb forms.

13. How to use the ending "-ul/ül" to express speaking in a language.

14. The Formalis case, expressing "as, like", especially "to work as something", using the ending "-ként".

15. Hungarian cardinal and ordinal numbers and fractions.

16. How to tell time.

17. The Temporal case, expressing that something happens at a certain time using the ending "-kor".

18. Days of the week, months and seasons of the year.

19. Expressing the date.

20. Some important Postpositions.


Unit 1 Test

None of these exercises are exactly the same as the ones used in the lesson. If they were, it wouldn't be a test. :) However, you should have enough information to correctly answer each question, if you have thoroughly studied each lesson. Good luck!

Exercise 1. Translate into Hungarian. (The underlined word is the stressed part of the sentence - your clue to word order.)

We are here.

They are there.

The big bottle is here.

The small bottle is not there.

Where are the bottles?

The bottles are on the table.

The book is on the table.

What kind of book is on the table?

My bird is on the door.

Your dog is on my couch.

The first bus leaves at 11 in the morning.

When does the last train arrive?

Today is Wednesday.

Today's date is February 13, 2013.


Exercise 2. Answer the questions in Hungarian.

Amerikai vagy?

Hol laksz?

Milyen nyelven beszélsz?

Mi a munkád?

Hol dolgozol?

Hány éves vagy?


Ready to check your answers?